A Complete Guidance of Cake Business | How to Grow Cake Business

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Hello We are from Techwebx and Today in this Premium Blog we are sharing you a Complete guidence of Doing Cake Business. In this Blog You will Get to know each and Every Aspect of Cake Shop Business. From Making Growing Cake shop to How to Expand your Cake Business Everything you will get to know in this Blog. The Premium feature of this Blog is this Blog is Available in E-Book, Podcast and As well as in Video Format So Without Wasting anything, Lets Start with the Introduction of this Small Course

Yes We call it Course Why?

Because we are introducing this in a Course Format. There are more then 10 Modules which will You learn from our this Cake Business Course

Name of Course = A Complete guidence of Cake business

Introduction – A Complete Guidance of Cake Business

Welcome to A Complete Guidance of Cake Business Course. This course is Made By Our Techwebx Team with the Collaboration of 10 Ladies Who are Selling Cake In India.

We Collaborated with them for How they Work and what their Strategy they use to Grow Cake Shop Business and After Knowing The functions and strategy we work on it and Added some Technology in it and the Results we get from that Was Just an amazing, They Noticed 400% of Growth in their Business

As We have Introduced this Course in 299 Indian Rs but Later we decided to Launch this in a Free of Cost for All of you, So Without Wasting next 1 min in Introduction Lets Start with the Index

Index – A Complete Guidance of Cake Business

  1. How to Start Cake Business
  2. How to get the first 10 orders
  3. How to Make Excel for Product
  4. How to Make Logo for Cake Shop
  5. How to Accept Payments with Debit – Credit Card
  6. How to Make Customer Loyal for your Cake
  7. How to do Social Media Campaign for Cake Shop
  8. How to do Local SEO for Cake Shop
  9. How to Make a Simple Website for Cake Shop
  10. How to Make Menu Card
  11. How to do Upsell and Cross-Sell in Cake Business
  12. How to Introduce a Franchise of Cake Business
  13. How to Start E-Commerce Business
  14. How to do Viral Marketing for Cake Business
  15. How to Grow your Cake Business
  16. How to Expand Your Cake Business

So here are the all Modules which you are Going to learn in this Premium Cake Business Course

Topic 1 – How to Start Cake Business

Before Starting Any Business, We have to Plan the Whole structure of the Business! No matters Business is Small or Big Planning is a must.

In terms of Cake Business. You have to decide the Business Model from which you will work on.

In cake Business there are 3 Types of Business Model

#1 Home Based Cloud Kitchen

In Cake Business Home Based Cloud Kitchen is Trending nowadays and after Corona, it comes in Hot Trends where People Making Cakes from Home and Taking Orders offline as Well as Online. We will talk about this Model later on this Course.

#2 Full Set-up Bakery

There are many People who take Loans and Open their Own Bakery. This is one of the Oldest Model which works fine in the Cake Business but the only Problem in this Model is Finance. In this Model an Individual need to Invest a lot of Money

#3 Cake E-Commerce

Cake E-Commerce? Yes, Cake E-Commerce is the Newest Way and Also the Easiest way of doing business of Cake. After Corona Virus Pendamic E-Commerce is going up day by day and just because of it CEO of Amazon becomes the Richest Men in the World

How the Cake E-Commerce works?

E-Commerce is very Affordable and Easy to Executive Cake Business Model and it is one of the most Profitable Cake Business models but many People find it Difficult because the Word E-Commerce is hard, But there’s no Logic.

The Execution of E-Commerce is just simply creating your E-Commerce Website by Watching our Tutorial or just Hire BrainBag to Create your E-Commerce Website.

Click here to Watch Tutorial

Click here to Hire BrainBag

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